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How to Choose Your Tattoo

At the time I'm writing this there are probably more people sporting tattoos than without them, but the fact that many are disappointed in their choice compels me to keep writing on.

As opposed to a piercing or a haircut, a tattoo is for life. Even if there are removal procedures, they're highly expensive and highly painful. And most I know about will only clear the design, not make your skin look like it did before you had it tattooed. It will remain scarred and ugly. So don't make it with the thought that you will eventually remove it if you get tired of it, it doesn't work that way.

Also, make it at an established specialist. A tattoo salon. Do not try to save a few bucks by going to a no name that works at home, he cannot provide the sterile environment necessary for this operation. Plus he has no reputation, no license to respect and protect so you have no way of knowing whether he respects the laws concerning hygiene or not. You do not want a secondhand needle. Nothing against freelance workers, it's just that risks are too high to entrust a less than legal establishment on this matter.

Is your tattoo purely aesthetical or is it a token that is meant to mean something to you? If it's not something specific that you want, then start perusing models, there's millions to choose from. Stick to the style you like most, regardless of the size of the model. Or choose various elements and ask the artist of your choice to mix them up in your dream canvas. Communication is extremely important. Based on the body portion you have chosen as your preferred spot, there are models which, however beautiful or breathtaking, simply don't fit. The tattoo artist is supposed to let you know of this, provided you lack the skills to notice by yourself. There is something called proportion that is essential in how a tattoo looks. The right thing in the right place. A good tattoo, besides being what you want it to be and meaning what you want it to mean should embrace the anatomy of the place you are having it put on. It should harmoniously follow the muscles or the curves of the body. Because no matter how deep the meaning of it for you, the rest of the world doesn't know it. So at first glance it will be like a fashion accessory: it has to look spectacular. If it has a deeper substance than that it's perfect. But make sure it also fits aesthetically.

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